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About Us

Explore the Evolution of You 

Stage Tu Cosmetics, LLC began in 2019 as a result of the founder, Dr. Tomeko Smith's skincare regimen.  Born of her skincare regimen were hair care formulas.  These formulas are made from all natural and organic ingredients for individuals of different cultures and ethnicities with varied hair textures, styles and stages. 

Dr. Smith's motto is "The first stage of your life is everything that you are about to be, the discovery of thyself but Stage Tu is everything you are meant to be--the evolution of YOU."  

About Stage Tu

Our Story

We are greater than a brand "Because the Beauty is You" 

At Stage Tu Cosmetics, "Because the Beauty is You," is our brand's mission, not a marketing message. We believe that your beauty is your stage. Your stage is you. This life is your stage because you are living it. Why not live in  your beauty however, you define it. We celebrate your beauty when we say, "Because the Beauty is You," and life is your stage at Stage Tu Cosmetics, LLC.


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